10 common renovation mistakes people make

Home renovation can be an exciting project or a DIY nightmare.

Certain things require a professional, such as a licensed Asbestos removal service. Coastal Building Projects provides home renovations services, including safely removing Asbestos, so that you can avoid some of these common mistakes DIY renovators make.

1. Don’t blow your budget. Determine your costs first. If you’re doing a project with multiple options, such as counter finishes, hardware, and other add-ons, make a list of your “must haves” and your “it would be nice to haves.”

2. Set aside funds for overruns. You may need a repair that you weren’t aware of, so it’s very important to have a little money “in reserve” just in case.

3. Detail your vision. Consult home designing websites, retailers, and even Pinterest. Make a storyboard display of the look and feel you want your home to have. Include special details that make your home unique. The more details you can give your designer, the closer to your dream she can make it.

4. Do your homework when it comes to selecting your professionals. Interview the contractor, plumber, electrician – any vendor that you’re having work on your home. Ask for references and check past client reviews.

5. Consider an architect if you’re planning to make major changes to your floor plan. Not only can they assist with determining the right “flow” to your home, they can also ensure that your changes fall in line with local building codes.

6. Book a hotel if you are planning major work. Especially if you are planning a kitchen or bathroom upgrade, bear in mind that you’ll be living in a construction zone.

7. Beware of installing a pool as not every buyer wants one. Most potential homeowners wither love the idea or hate it, and taking that chance may not add value to your home come resale time. Install if you absolutely must, but keep in mind that this is not a value-added update.

8. Decorate to taste, design to sell. Keep the funky finishes and bold colors to things that are easily changeable, such as paint or window treatments – NOT countertops or bathroom porcelains. Cabinetry, flooring, and plumbing hold value in neutral colors and timeless finishes.

9. Don’t overcapitalise with luxury finishes and hardware if your market can’t support that costly of a renovation. You may end up not realising much of a return on your investment down the road.

10. Be safe. Don’t risk your health with the removal of hazardous material. Consult a professional, licensed paint and asbestos removal service if your home was built prior to 1982. Do not attempt DIY insulation or paint removal in those cases.