5 best DIY Home Renovation tips

Home renovation can be intimidating for the weekend DIY-warrior, but it doesn’t have to be.
With a little careful pre-planning and these tips from the professionals, you can enjoy a fresh look for your place in no time.

1. Determine how your space will function. Do you love to cook? A kitchen with a farmhouse sink, large cooking range, and plenty of counter space is what you need. If you love luxury, indulgence, and relaxation, installing a spa tub or large walk-in shower for the master bathroom might be a better option. Are you an outdoorsy type who loves to entertain? Consider adding a covered patio and large deck, for grilling and backyard parties.

2. Consider your home’s resale value. Any savvy realtor will tell you that quality kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Although you’ll want your forever home to be a reflection of who you are, consider your home as an investment, as well. If you want to add color and personality to a bathroom, for example, consider vivid hues on the walls, instead of installing colored fixtures and commodes. Plan for plenty of counter space and cabinetry in both the kitchen and bathrooms.

3. Know your budget and know your limits. Plan to spend about 1% to 1.5% of your home’s value on your renovation. Remember that small details add up, and sometimes there are unforeseen expenses. Draw up your budget, and stick to it.

4. Consider your curb appeal. Indoor/ outdoor “flow” living is very popular in Australia. take the time to invest in some landscaping that carries through the overall theme or appearance of your home. If you are renovating a living and entertaining space, perhaps a water fixture or plantscape will add a “wow” factor.

5. Leave the professional work to the professionals. Although some home renovations look like they can be done on the cheap, many an unwary homeowner has ended up over budget and unfinished due to a DIY disaster. Look at a shortlist of architects or contractors, and interview them as you would for a job. Review their past work, and speak to their clients if possible. Find one that suits your budget and your home’s style.

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