8 handy tips for home maintenance and repairs

Over the life of your home, you’re bound to need periodic repair and maintenance.

For your larger insurance home repairs, Coastal Building Projects can be your first and only call. We can handle the heavy stuff for you, including licensed Asbestos removal services. We consider ourselves experts in home repairs – here are some tips from us to you:

1. Use caution when removing hazardous materials. Older homes, especially those built prior to 1970, may have asbestos insulation or lead paint. Consult with a professional before attempting removal of lead paint and asbestos both for your safety and the environment’s.

2. Don’t let termites bug you. Termite infestations can be costly and dangerous. Remove and replace any damaged wood, checking to ensure that load-bearing walls are adequately supported. Block any access areas by retrofitting plastic barriers, and schedule annual termite inspections for your home.

3. Roof leaks may not be apparent immediately. Often, by the time you’re placing buckets under a drip from your ceiling, the damage to the roof itself is extensive. After any major storm, have a professional roofing inspector look for signs of damage before water begins seeping into the interior of your home.

4. Floor leaks can usually be attributed to a leaking pipe or improper drainage. A pipe will require a plumber; in some cases, they can also rectify the drainage issues. You may need to have upslope, groundwater drainage or diversion landscaped.

5. Cracks in your walls can be attributed to normal “settling” of your home, or indicate serious foundation issues. Common causes can be “heaving” of uneven soil or uneven foundations. Tree roots can also be a factor. Consult a professional engineer who is familiar with the seasonal wet/dry cycles in your area, as improper repairs can lead to “swelling” and actually further increase damage.

6. Mold and rot are caused by dampness problems. If you’ve experienced floor, roof, or any other leaks, it’s critical to have a mold inspector come out to check your drywall. Unchecked, mold can become toxic.

7. Preventative Maintenance can be your friend. Routinely look at your home’s paint, window screens, and roofing. These protect your interior from pests and damage. Replace or repaint on a regular schedule for both your house’s appearance and safety.

8. Profesional Maintenance Employ a professional pest control service to inspect and treat your home before small problems turn big. Consult with foundation experts if you live in an area with unstable soil, and remember to have your home checked after any major storm or weather incident. Never attempt to remove hazardous materials yourself.

From consult to completion, Coastal Building Projects can help you with many expert home repairs services. We cover homes throughout South Queensland, particularly the Sunshine Coast. Call or email us today with your questions – we are ready to help!